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We are the Ferree Family. 

My husband and I are proud to be residents of Morehead City, NC and are honored to be raising two amazing children here with everything the Crystal Coast has to offer. 

With this website, I want to invite more families to visit and move to the Crystal Coast while helping retain our existing families by helping everyone feel connected to our community and each other. 

With my Crystal Coast Mama Blog, I want to share information and tips for enjoying life at the beach, on the boat, and by the pool as a family.  I've learned a lot through trial and error! I’m always learning. 

Plus, it serves as a platform to share my children’s book - Learning My ABC’s and 123’s While Dreaming of NC’s Crystal Coast.

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My family loves the beach, boat, and pool!  And, we love telling everyone what an amazing place North Carolina's Crystal Coast is to vacation, visit, and live!  Playing with my children inspired me to write a little children's book/guide to family life on the crystal coast and then to start this blog to help families enjoy coastal life and the Crystal Coast together.  I plan to write quick blog posts that are short and sweet, whenever I find the time...

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My name is Kristin.  I loved growing up on the Crystal Coast and I love to play with my kids. Our area has so much to offer families.  I started this website to serve as an easy-to-use resource for local and visiting families.  Did you know the Crystal Coast is known as North Carolina's Gem?  It's true. You will quickly see why if you come to play.  And, I know once you visit, your family won’t be able to stay away. 

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I appreciate your interest in my book and most of all your love for the Crystal Coast!

I put together a little book as both a learning resource and guide to family living on the Crystal Coast.  Readers are invited to dream, learn and play.  Come on.  Take a peak.  I know once you learn about the Crystal Coast, you won't be able to stay away!

To purchase your next copy, I encourage you to first check with your favorite local gift shops (SEA & PLAY and Teachers’ Pet have it fo sure!), but it is also available on Amazon. When you use Amazon, please consider using AmazonSmile! The easiest way to find this book on Amazon is by clicking the link below or by searching under my name, Kristin Ferree.   

Buy Your Copy Today, Like Right Now! Click Here.

Download a free PDf version

If you would like to preview the book before you buy it, click here to download a free PDF version!

Learning My ABC's and 123's on NC's Crystal Coast (pdf)


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Want to make sure we have your most-recent email address? Want to just share your thoughts? Send a message! Family is important, and everyone's individual voice should be, too!  I started this site mainly with pictures of my family, because naturally that is what I have in my photo roll.  But, I would love to add pictures of your family.  If you have any pictures you would be willing to submit, please send them in!

Morehead City, North Carolina, United States

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