About Us

Who We Are


We are the Ferree Family. I started this website as a hobby. I had been looking to find a central place to find information and I hope it will benefit our community.

I am a semi-"retired" Nurse Practitioner, but right now being Mommy is my full time job. This is a hobby for me. It helps me focus on what’s happening in the present and in the know about opportunities for my family.

My husband and I are proud to be residents of Morehead City, NC and are honored to be raising two amazing children here with everything the Crystal Coast has to offer. 

I’m kind of obsessed with my kids! It took us a long time to have them which is a whole rollercoaster of a story I’m happy to share if you are ever interested. If you want to read about our family's journey to becoming a party of 4, Click Here to read one of my blog articles on Cervivor.org.

Our Favorite Past Times


We love the beach, boat, and pool!  

And, we love telling everyone what an amazing place North Carolina's Crystal Coast is to vacation, visit, and live!  

I love to play with my kids and try to do so often.  We love exploring our Crystal Coast and scouting out new activities to share!

With my Crystal Coast Mama Blog, I want to share information and tips for enjoying life at the beach, on the boat, and by the pool as a family.  

I've learned a lot through trial and error & I’m still learning....

With this website, I want to invite more families to visit and move to the Crystal Coast while helping retain our existing families by helping everyone feel connected to our community and one another.  Welcome to the Family.

Welcome to the Family

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You are part of the Crystal Coast Family!  EVERYONE should feel included, including YOU.  You and your family are important to the Crystal Coast.  It wouldn't be the same without you.

Don't Be Shy!  Want to make sure we have your most-recent email address? Want to just share your thoughts or a picture? Send a message! 

Family is important, and everyone's individual voice should be, too!  I started this site mainly with pictures of my family, because naturally that is what I have in my photo roll.  But, I would love to add pictures of your family.  If you have any pictures you would be willing to submit, please send them in!