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Keep Your Family Safe


Find the Flags

To Swim or Not to Swim... That is the First Question. If there is ever any Doubt, Don't Go Out! It’s just not worth it.

Keep your family safe at the beach this summer. Before anyone enters the ocean, please locate the nearest flag. These flags fly for our protection.

The image to the right is pretty self-explanatory, but if you haven't seen the signs on the beach you might now know what these flags mean. So, green means the hazard is low, yellow indicates medium, red is for high, and black means definitely no swimming.

Before your family goes in the ocean, please find the flag to help assess safety conditions, then consider your families swimming abilities. Rip-tides have been strong and plentiful recently. Some theorize this is related to recent Hurricane Florence. Regardless of the reason, be aware, find the flags, and keep your family safe!


Favorite beach parking locations


This is the Short List! More Available!


Fort Macon, Atlantic Beach (AB)

Iron Steamer Public Access, Pine Knoll Shores (PKS)

Trinity Center Public Accesss, PKS

Ameri-Suites Parking, PKS

Knollwood, PKS

Memorial Park Public Access, PKS

Clamdigger Inn Public Access, PKS

Salter Path Regional Public Access, Salter Path

Western Ocean Regional Access, Emerald Isle (EI)

Eastern Ocean Regional Access, EI

Beach alternative. I love a family shore day!

I love a good beach day as much as the next girl, but some days it just isn't practical or possible by myself with the kiddos.  

One great alternative to "beach" days that we love is spending days at the shore.  We are lucky that the Crystal Coast offers us this option!

Below are a few of our favorite shore locations in Morehead City, NC and why:

20th Street

Fairly large public waterway area.  Sandbar comes out at low tide. Great place to take kids and/or dogs. 

16th Street

Parking available at nearby Shevans Park if street parking is full.  Plus, you can play at the park and use the restrooms!

11th Street

Public dock and restrooms available.  Downtown Morehead is walkable.

Radio Island

The closest feeling to going to Shack or the Cape without a boat.  The water is generally calm, there is an ample parking lot, and bathrooms are available.